Type One: The Perfectionist

Motivated to do the right thing.

The Perfectionist's goal is to do the right thing. A famous One, Gandhi, was relentless in striving to do so, whether he was leading non-violent demonstrations or sewing his own cotton clothes. Other less famous Ones like you and me are striving to write the perfect paper, get a perfect score on a test, or be disciplined about cleanliness and exercise. Ones have an eye for errors and imperfection which make them good at fixing and improving things. They are usually good at the details as well as optimizing processes or helping others reform. Ones can play a wide variety of roles, but examples of roles in which they can leverage their excellent attention to detail are: Quantitative Analyst, Finance Director, Auditor, Trainer, Teacher, Software Engineer and construction General Contractor.

The One may be the easiest personality type to identify because many of us are familiar with the "perfectionist", the person who keeps trying to get things perfect. Perfection, if not impossible, is not an easy task, so Ones work very hard and often get frustrated when things fall short of their ideal. They are self-critical and hard on themselves. Despite the fact that Ones get frustrated, they usually maintain a pleasant demeanor and hold themselves to high standards for behavior and interaction with others.

Ones especially excel in roles that require careful attention to detail and flawless execution. They can have a big impact when they work in an area where improvement is needed.

Under stress, the One will act much like a Four. When relaxed the One can act like a Seven. While the skills of the Four can help the One excel in certain areas, developing the characteristics of the Seven can be extremely beneficial to the One's career success and overall well-being.