TYPE EIGHT: The Asserter

Motivated to establish self-reliance.

Asserters work to ensure self-reliance and are known for their strength and competence. They not only easily defend themselves but readily look after others who are weaker than them. Eights have strong leadership skills and often find themselves in the role as the boss. It is natural for them to be the captain of the ship. They are confident in their abilities to steer the ship in the right direction and keep it out of harm's way. Typical roles of an Eight are: Plant Manager, Department Head, Union Leader, and Litigating Attorney. The Eight will protect her department or clients with all of her might.

Eights often don't know their own strength and can intimidate others unintentionally. Other personality types can be afraid to go up against an Eight in conflict. Eights know how to leverage their own power to their advantage and to the benefit of the organization. Eights are formidable negotiators in contentious negotiations. Eights can also be hot-headed. While they are natural leaders, you don't see them in the role of CEO as often as you see Threes in this role. Threes have more political savvy whereas Eights can at times get in trouble with their bosses, which can prevent them from rising as high through the ranks. Eights are independent and do well as owners of their own businesses.

Eights especially excel in roles where they can captain the team. They also are the ones you want on your side in win-lose negotiations.

Under stress, the Eight will act much like a Five. When relaxed the Eight can act like a Two. While the skills of the Five can help the Eight excel in certain areas, developing the characteristics of the Two can be extremely beneficial to the Eight's career success and overall well-being.